My philosophy...

I believe food should help you fully enjoy life. Food should fuel you to reach whatever goals you may have, and hopefully not be a source of stress. I practice an integrative medicine style of nutrition, focusing on YOU and your LIFESTYLE. I promote a type of eating that is sustainable for your whole life, with the goal that food will help you live a long and full one. 

My promise... 

I will always approach you as the individual you are when it comes to developing your nutrition plan.  We each have our own set of genes that can influence how we process food and how it makes us feel, along with a unique background to our lifestyle, food preferences, and health history. I promise to never tell you NOT to eat something, but I will help you see which foods will help you reach your goal. My primary role is to help educate you, customize a plan for you, and most importantly to help you follow through with it. 

A bitty bio because everyone deserves to have a little story...

My name is Jessica Sol Ismert, and my heart swells when I realize my job is helping people feel better through the food they eat.

I could write my life story because I enjoy talking about my background, family, culture, and how I found my way into nutrition. I'll spare you the fluffy story and get to the nitty gritty highlights you'd probably like to know. 

I grew up in Southern Indiana in a boisterous Latin American family who never failed to expose me to new music, culture, and ways of thinking. I went to college at Saint Louis University (SLU) where I studied Marketing + Economics at John Cook's School of Business.  Shortly after graduation and a mini stint in the PR world, I found my way to nutrition, realizing I wanted to work with people and health in an intimate space. I returned to SLU and completed a second bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. 

I am humbled and honored to say that I completed my dietetic internship in 2014 at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard affiliated medical center in Boston. Through a rigorous program, I learned from the best dietitians out there, and that, I can say, has formed a solid base to becoming a dietitian. I specialized in personalized nutrition counseling, working with weight loss, diabetes, pre/post-natal, and the WIC populations. 

I knew in my heart I ultimately wanted to combine marketing and nutrition, and have pursued an entrepreneurial route by providing independent consulting to various organizations. After moving to Kansas City to live by our large family, I have happily spent the last 2 years growing in my philosophy and practice in the community and wellness sector.

I have a deep interest in finding what drives my clients to improve their health. I like to focus on developing actual behaviors and steps to reach their end goal, alongside providing some basic nutrition science to help them understand the question of WHY. 

With an always changing industry of superfoods and diet trends, it is my job to stay up to date with the latest research and science to provide you with the best guidance possible.  I am always open to finding unique ways to help you, whether it is coming into your home and seeing how/what you cook for dinner OR holding your hand through the grocery store. I have even texted with clients about what to order from a menu when on the road traveling. Whatever the need is, I am here to help you find that sweet spot to a healthy and happy way of eating.