Health Assessment and Consult

My goal is to get to know the every-day you. Based on your goals and starting point, together we will make realistic, immediate changes that you can implement ASAP. I am here to provide whatever it is you need from our session, but I can promise at the end of it you will be able to follow through with some actions that will help you feel better inside and out. 60 minutes, $85.


For those of you who have met with me, this is a great way to have accountability and fine-tune our plan that we have set. 30 minutes, $40.

Nutrition OVERHAUL

Multiple nutrition appointments will help you stay on track and assure that you progress forward. 1 hour consult + 3 follow-up check-in's, $200.



Meet in your Kitchen.

Let's cut to the chase. Meeting in your kitchen allows for a close and private look at your habits, go-to foods, and cooking style. 60 minutes, $100.

Pantry Raid.

It may sound funny, but it really cuts through the sugar and salt hidden in your pantry.  I'll bring my honesty and go through your pantry and fridge with you to clean out the not-so-great items. Expect label review and education to help you buy better items in the future.  Can be included if meeting in your kitchen. 

Grocery Tour

Make grocery shopping a fun activity, no brainer, and adventure. We'll go through your grocery of choice, helping you shop for the week and walking away with confidence for future trips. $50


Meet me in your PJs. Enough said. 


Let's chat on the phone for a follow-up or check-in while your busy, on the road, or doing work from home. Follow-up call, $25.


Video chat

Want the luxury of home but miss my face and hand gestures? Video chats are perfect! Video-visit, $25. 



Always have a dietitian to help you answer all your menu, meal questions. Send photo's when your on the road and log your meals with the snap of a pic. Monthly subscription, $50.

Food from my kitchen and a classic Kansas City magazine