Jessica is a wealth of knowledge. She reviewed my food logs in great detail and helped me figure out patterns that we’re affecting my blood sugars. Jessica also introduced me to new foods, new ways of cooking, and sent me recipes to satisfy my cravings. All in all I learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time. She radiates a love of helping others find their own Nutritional goals and I am forever grateful for her guidance.
— Kara M.
Jessica’s diet guidance helped me lose 26 lbs. For a widower in his early 60s, it trained me to feel better, to fit into my clothes better, lower my blood sugar, and get off diabetes medicine. Amen!
— Mike I.
After weeks of push-back, I finally agreed to join Jessica for an hour at Trader Joe’s. The push-back had nothing to do with Jessica’s program of course..more so that I was about to tour a grocery store as a 27 year old bachelor. BUT, what a great decision it was. Jessica explained every ingredient on each label (what to look for, what to stay away from), suggested quick & healthy meal recipes, portion recommendations, snacks for work, etc. The tour was 1 week ago and I’ve only eaten out once since!
— Gabe P.